Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Willow & Everett Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker

As many know, I have a slight coffee addiction. My boyfriend refers to me as a "Coffee Elitist", I don't just love coffee, but I love quality coffee. So needless to say, when I was approved to review this Willow & Everett Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker I was very excited. Anything that is designed to improve the taste of coffee is good in my book.

This stainless steal mesh cone design allows the oils and nutrients from ground coffee to pass through, unlike the typical paper filter. This reusable and easy to clean dripper also helps to cut down on waste by cutting out the need of disposable filters.

This may be the coffee talking, but WOW! I'm a self proclaimed coffee enthusiast, I love coffee and will drink almost anything. However coffee is one of the few areas I do allow myself to splurge. If you're going to have coffee you should have good coffee. Given that I was doing this review at midnight I chose to use "cheap" coffee. You know the stuff that's saved for when you're broke and desperate...

Well let me just say that this product works, somehow this cheap coffee that I have trouble drinking with creamer and flavoring tastes like quality coffee. I'm currently drinking it black and I normally only drink one brand of coffee black. It's 1 am and I'm having a hard time putting this down and wasting a good coffee.

If you are a coffee lover, and I mean someone who loves to taste they're coffee, not the sweetened flavored junk, you need this. Who knew you could make coffee better by losing the fancy technology and waste? I think the only thing I don't like about the pour over coffee dripper is that it doesn't fit on my BIG mugs. It did fit fine and with a little extra room to grow on the cute little "average" mug shown in my pictures. I can truly taste a difference in my coffee. I am so happy with this product.

I received these products for free or at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. However all opinions are my own. 

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