Friday, February 26, 2016

Chalk Paint

Easy DIY Chalk Paint

Today Keira was playing outside with her chalk like many other days, but she told me she was bored of her chalk. So we decided to do something new and make Chalk Paint!

Most parents that have chalk, have that annoying bucket of chalk-butts. Keira hates using the ends, she says they're too hard to color with. So we took a few ends and made something new. Starting with nothing more than some warm water and unwanted chalk.

Step 1. Crush up your chalk as fine as you can
The smaller you can get the chalk the better.

Step 2. Add the crushed chalk to some water and mix
(warm water melts the chalk faster)

As many colors as you want, the more chalk the better the color and the longer it will last.

Keira had a blast with this and loved that she could paint on a bigger surface than her usual notebook. And with the added water to the normal chalk drawings they were much easier to wash off afterwards. Very quick, easy and fun new way to use old chalk.

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