Friday, March 04, 2016

Pet grooming brush glove

We've recently taken on a new dog at our house, and though he is short-haired he is always shedding! I needed a way to groom him and what better way than doing so while petting him like I normally would?

  • Our pet brushing mitt effectively removes dead, unwanted hair, ensuring a healthy skin & coat
  • Palm & thumb front feature dozens of rubber nubs that easily comb unneeded, excess hair away
  • Rubber nubs loosen matted hair, massage & stimulate skin, improving circulation to hair follicles
  • Made from Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable materials that won't chaff or irritate your pet's skin
  • Comes with folding pet travel bowl & helpful eBook with tips on how to minimize shedding pet hair!

I loved that this mit was adjustable, my 6 year old and I can both brush the dog. The glove is made with a mesh so that you don't end up with one really sweaty hand while brushing. The bristles get out quite a bit of hair, and because it's on my hand it doesn't freak the dog out like a brush would. This set also came with a collapsible bowl, it's quite durable compared to others I've seen like it and great to bring when we're on an adventure with the dog.

I received this product for free or at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest & unbiased review. However all opinions are my own.

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