Friday, May 04, 2012

Iced Coffee from Vocalpoint!

International Delight Iced Coffee from Vocalpoint!

Who, especially mothers, doesn't like a nice cup of coffee at least once a day? I know I need my coffee at least a few times throughout the day to keep me going between college and a 2 year old!

Once summer hits, most of us coffee enthusiast switch over to iced coffee and how many of us moms make our coffees at home to save just a few dollars? Normally once it gets to warm for my usual hot coffee, I keep a pitcher of coffee in the refrigerator to make my own iced coffees throughout the day. But that takes time, effort, and I don't get that instant gratification I would from a hot pot of coffee; however, International Delight has heard our cries! If you haven't yet seen them in your local stores, you will soon notice the cartons of pre-made Iced Coffee in your dairy section (mine store keeps it next to the liquid creamers). 

If you have not tried this yet, you must! When I first saw them in stores I had to try them, as I LOVE the International Delight creamers. I wasn't surprised that they were delicious! The iced coffee comes in three flavors so far: Original, Vanilla, and Mocha. If you enjoy the pre-made coffee drinks you can get at a convenient store, you'll love this. Just pour it into your glass, maybe add a few ice cubes if you'd like and it's good to go! No prep, or waiting and it's so yummy!

If you haven't tried them yet, or you're like me and have had them and loved it, Vocalpoint is offering coupons (by mail) to their members! If you're member head over and get yours now. If you're not a member, don't worry joining is FREE and you will be able to get these great offers in the future!

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