Friday, March 16, 2012

Natural House Household Cleaners

Natural House Household Cleaners: 
Flushy, Sinky and Trashy! 

I was recently given the chance to test out three new types of household cleaner, Natural House: Flushy, Sinky, and Trashy

Yes, those really are their names! 

Product Description via Natural House:
Natural House cleaning products are a true cleaning revolution! 

Why is it a "revolution?"  Because Natural House probiotic cleaning products brings you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your Natural House.

Here's a little more info about why our all-natural cleaning products are superior to those currently on the market!
  • Our products use an eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotics that create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source.
  • Natural House's plant-based ingredients are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable to naturally fight the toughest problems you face in your house. 
  • Our products, Sinky and Flushy even break down and digest fats, oil, grease, and solid waste to ensure your disposal, pipes, drain lines or septic tank run smoothly.
  • Our cleaners contain good probiotics which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs, and they continue to do so until your next weekly treatment! 
  • We earned the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show!
So how exactly does probiotic household cleaners work?
  • The surfaces in your house are like a garden. If you don’t seed with good plants, weeds will grow. You have the same choice with your household surfaces: sanitize for a moment with harsh chemicals leaving your surface open to recontamination or seed with probiotics to continuously weed out the bad micro-organisms.
  • Traditional cleaners “clean” a surface for a moment in time; the second the rag is finished wiping the surface, that surface is almost instantly polluted once again with ambient dust, dirt, and micro-organisms.
  • Natural House probiotics creates mini-ecosystem on a microbial level that produces enzymes which break down odors, dirt, fats, oil, grease, food scraps, waste and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between applications. This creates a natural, clean, balanced environment that is safe for even the most sensitive members of your natural house.
  • The action is in the foam!  When using your Natural House products be sure and let it foam first to release the cleaning agents before going to the next step on the package directions.
The short and skinny of it is this... our natural probiotic cleaners keep on cleaning long after you've stopped!  

Lately I've been trying to keep as many of the products in my household as green and natural as I can, I've been loving all the new natural items coming out on the market that tend to work as good, if not better then the name brands. But when I received Toilet cleaner to review, I was a little worried about how well they could really work. Most toilet or bathroom cleaners tend to us harsh chemicals in order to get everything clean, so how would probiotics work?

Well let me tell you they work great! Each of the Flushy and Sinky cleaners come in a convenient little pouch, which at first worried me, should I be dropping plastic pods down my drains? What if they didn't dissolve like they say they should? Luckily, I tried it anyway and they did dissolve just fine. 

When using Flushy all you need to do is drop a single pod into the bowl and wait about a minute for the pouch to fully dissolve, then flush and scrub anything remaining. I thought it was very neat how the probiotic in Flushy created a foam and with the blue coloring of the cleaner you can see where its actually cleaning. As a mother of a potty trainer, I try to clean our toilet as often as I can to keep it clean for my two old and also clean up any messes she might have made. I hate using a regular toilet bowl cleaner when she's running around trying to help me because of all the harsh chemical smells; however, while using Flushy the only smell is a light minty sent which was a very nice change. I feel comfortable allowing my daughter to "help" me clean the bathroom with these natural products.
After using Flushy, I was interested to see how Sinky might work. With Sinky you set a pod into the drain of the sink and run warm water over the pouch as it dissolve right down the sink cleaning up any left over food or bacteria that might not be reached with regular cleaning. Unlike Flushy I didn't notice any sent to the cleaner, but after use I also could not smell any of the usual smells that a well used sink drain tends to have. I even saw a difference in the way the drain looked. Before use my drain was slightly grimy and even had a bit of soil in the bottom of the drain from some planting we did earlier in the day. After Sinky my drain was clear of all dirt and grim and with no smell of old food, or cleaning chemicals!
The last cleaner left was Trashy, a cleaner specifically made to clean and deodorize a trash can. After taking out the overfilled trash bag and emptying out anything left in the bottom of the can I sprayed a few squirts into the bottom and around the inner sides of the can, the first thing I noticed about Trashy was the smell, a nice minty sent to replace any gross trash stink! I let Trashy sit for a few minutes then wiped it off with a dry rag taking with it the rest of the gunk left on the sides of the can. Trashy helped lift off coffee grinds and pasta sauce with ease! Once the trash can was all cleaned out and dried off it smelt of  mint and left no signs of stinky diapers or old trash. I was very happy with the results.

Check out this video to see how the probiotics in Natural House Cleaning Products work:

My conclusion about the Natural House Cleaning Products I was able to test out, I LOVE them and will be planning to continue use with all three of the Trashy, Sinky and Flushy products and even hope to try some of Natural House's other products, Moppy, Surfy and Glassy. I think that the natural probiotics and lack of harsh chemicals is a great way to clean any house, especially if you have young children or anyone of else sensitive to harsh cleaners.

Buy it:
You can find these and other Natural House Cleaning Products directly on their website or through Amazon all at very reasonable prices. A 30 day supply will cost you between $3.99 and $4.99.

Win it:
Natural House is giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own 30 day supply of each Trashy, Sinky and Flushy! All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below! 

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


J_lynn1013 said...

ugh I Hate cleaning the Bathroom!! 4 guys in the house is No fun!!

An Ordinary Housewife said...

Cleaning the bathroom. Also mopping, because it takes a long time to prep.

MammaNatty said...

I sometimes feel like all I do is clean so I really want to pay attention to the products I am using! Toilets will have to be top on the list for not wanting to do :)

Lori said...

I hate cleaning the outside surface of the toilet. That is just so gross to me!

c allen said...

i hate dishes the most thanks crystal allen

Cassandra C. said...
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Cassandra C. said...

Cool! I've never heard of this brand, but I definitely like the idea. :)

I hate doing dishes the most. I miss having a dishwasher.

Cristi said...

i really don't like cleaning bathrooms, especially the toilets!!

ginabad said...

I have cleaning toilets, it's the worst! Gina Badalaty ginabad at gmail

Stephanie Templeman said...

I hate cleaning the bathtub/shower. It never seems to look quite right, even after an hour of scrubbing.

Kristina said...

I hate laundry