Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs BzzAgent Review

Last week I received a Laser Pegs 3 in 1 Build Kit from, the worlds only lighten construction set.
When I was first offered this campaign I was beyond excited to try these, growing up we always had legos in the house and to this day I still love building with them so a build toy that lit up was just amazing to me. I was checking BzzAgent daily for over a week to see if they had shipped it to me yet and when I finally found them in the stack of mail I couldn't wait to start playing!

In the 3 in 1 build kit ($45.95)you get 15 square pegs, 15 90 degree pegs, 12 straight pegs, 10 T pegs 10 weel pegs, 10 half 0 pegs, 1 laser peg cord and 1 big red button. BzzAgent also gave me an AC adapter (sold separately $14.99)
It took a little under 5 mins to figure out how to connect everything and get it to light up, but once we figured it out was really easy to build.

My sister started just fooling around with them by building little people and other random little things.
However I decided to try my hand at the booklet and see if the step-by-step instructions were as easy as they said. I attempted the Mini Monster Bug and was really surprised that it only took about 5 mins to finish. The longest part was finding out how to fit the pieces together.

After successfully completing one of the models in the booklet we then started to mix our creations together.

We both really liked Laser Pegs and think they are a great toy for older children (and adults). However I was a little disappointed that 90 degree pegs do not light up, I wish they ALL lit up. The plastic around the pegs also seems a little weak and I was almost afraid to pull the pieces apart after building, i though they might snap. For the price I would like sturdier materials. I would also highly suggest investing in the AC adapter or you will be going though a ton of batteries fast!
Overall I think I would give Laser Pegs a 4 out of 5.

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